Recuva Pro 1.56 Crack With Serial Key Latest 2020

Recuva Pro Crack is a file recovery tool. This is a free Windows platform file recovery tool, which can be used to recover deleted files in any format. You can directly restore the hard disk, flash drives, memory cards. Almost all things can be directly restored regardless of formatting or deletion. So that it can better manage and delete system files. It is also an sd card management tool that can rewrite all kinds of data.

Recuva Pro introduction

The software is easy to operate, and the speed of searching for deleted files is extremely fast. After selecting the drive to be scan, click the scan button. The new version improves data recovery algorithms and some user interfaces. The latest version fixes the problem of the font displayed in the official version. It can normally start after installation and running directly.

Recuva Pro data recovery features

  • Firstly, you can now click on each tab for path, size, modification time, in the list to achieve different sorting. The better the status, the higher the success rate.
  • Recuva pro can filter the files and can restore through the contents of the filtering edit box of the main interface.
  • It auto search for deleted files.
  • The options page can switch whether to include system hidden files and zero-byte files.
  • If you need to restore all files, press Ctrl+A to select all the files, click the checkbox in front of any file, and then click the “Restore” button.
  • Similarly, you can use the Shift key to restore files in batches.
  • The Ctrl key is used in conjunction with the click.
  • The new version also adds a checkbox.
  • Recuva also provides a wizard mode, so that we can easily answer a few questions according to the screen instructions.

Best Crack features

  • Recuva can help us scan the files according to our situation, and list the details of these files.
  • The formats supported by Recuva Recovery are FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, NTFS. Of course, before data recovery.
  • If you want to restore the files on the removable disk, then select the drive letter where the removable disk is located.
  • Searching for files that have been deleted is only the first step. Let’s take the second step to successfully recover the files.
  • Sometimes files do not necessarily appear in the file name when you originally deleted them.
  • Recuva helps you to find missing files too.
  • You can personalize the software with “options”.
  • Users can set settings according to their actual needs.
  • Most deleted files can be successfully recovered.
  • It can not only recover the data of the hard disk but also recover the data of the flash disk and memory card.
  • Recuva is an indispensable data recovery software because of its ease of use.
  • In the process of using Recuva, if you encounter any problems, you can contact our customer service staff to solve them.
  • You can select multiple files at the same time and then restore them.

How to crack Recuva

  • Firstly, download and install the program.
  • Secondly, run as admin
  • Thirdly, run Crack File.
  • Then wait for the crack file to complete its task.
  • Exit crack and run program.
  • Restart the computer.
  • Finally, Enjoy the full version.

Working Recuva Professional with Serial Keys


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