EmEditor Pro 19.1.0 + Crack

EmEditor pro history

EmEditor pro crack is a text editing program code by Japan’s Emurasoft to run on the Windows platform. It is famous for its lightweight, agility, power, and richness. The built-in Notepad program in Windows is too thin, so many users directly replace it with EmEditor. The release of EmEditor began in 1997 and is still in progress.

Basic intro

It is simple and easy to use a text editor. It supports a variety of configurations, custom colors, fonts, and shortcut keys settings. You can also adjust the line spacing. Supports the functions of selecting text columns and allow unlimited undo, redo. In short, a lot of features, easy to use, we can say EmEditor pro crack is the best editor to replace Notepad.

New features

  1. Reduced the number of clicks required during the installation process. If you selected “Custom” then “Custom” is auto-chosen for you.
  2. In the configuration properties, it will show markers on the vertical scroll bar.
  3. The “Scroll” tab is unchecked, so the standard mode scroll bar in Windows system will be used.

Bug fixes

  1. Set a bug on the scrollbar when Windows XP Classic mode was chosen.
  2. Found a bug where text could not be exchange when the Replace button is press.
  3. Fixed an issue where EmEditor crashed when searching for a string under a particular condition in a large file.
  4. Fixed scrollbar tag issue.


  • Improved vertical selection editing function for different text quick comparison and scrolling functions.
  • Start, search and replace text fast, more than most of the same software.
  • Support for finding highlights.
  • Support for uppercase and lowercase forced replacement.
  • It also supports multi-tab browsing.
  • Support for rich plug-in extensions.
  • Support yourself to create free installation version.
  • It will not write the system registry.
  • Configuration files are not lost.


  • Good support for newbies.
  • Support plug-ins.
  • Open interfaces.
  • Friendly interface.
  • The startup speed is very fast.


  • Very basic functions are implemented by plug-ins.
  • Not very stable, such as code folding and line number.

Use of Emeditor

Powerful search function

The lookup and replacement function of “Notepad” that comes with the Windows system is very weak. But EmEditor Pro crack makes up for this. It supports the search and replaces rule more detailed and practical. It can highlight the result of the search and can find the replacement unopened in batches.

Contents in files such as TXT, HTML, and DOC can be edit. Just select the “Find in the file” or “Replace in the file” command under the “Search” menu. It will open the corresponding dialog box. Then, just enter what you want Replace the content. ACDSee Crack

Writing programs is easier

EmEditor provides a number of features for friends who learn web pages and programming. It provides some basic frameworks for HTML, CSS, PHP, ASP, Perl, PerlScript, C#, C/C++, Java, and JavaScript. The special statement is highlighted, making it easy to see at a glance. Which saves the programmer’s work and can also provide some help for programming beginners.

Custom and macro functions

EmEditor’s powerful table also provides powerful customization functions. You can set file association, custom menu, and toolbar. You can also manage common tools and plug-ins in the “Tools” menu.

Humanized details

EmEditor is also very user-friendly in many details. For example, the convenient drag operation in Word is preserved. So that when editing text, there is no need to repeatedly “cut” and “paste”.

Print previews are also available for edited text, which makes it easy for us to typeset printed text. At the same time, it has a wealth of utility toolbars, and can be customized according to their own needs. We just put the commonly used tools on the toolbar.

The operation will be easier. Like popular browsers, EmEditor also supports tabbed browsing. You can open multiple tabs in the same EmEditor, which is very easy to switch.

How to crack?

  • Firstly, download the official version of EmEditor.
  • Secondly, look after the crack file.
  • Thirdly, replace the original file with the cracked file.
  • Fourthly, restart the computer.

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